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Glove Cleaning

We Clean All Types Of Work Gloves!

Through the use of a special cleaning process, we recondition all types of work gloves. LEATHER, COTTON, TERRY, HOT MILL and NITRILE can all be processed without shrinkage and still remain soft, pliable and comfortable.


At a Fraction Of The Replacement Cost;

Each pair of gloves is cleaned, individually inspected, repaired or disposed of and bundled based on your specifications. Our service is a fraction of the cost compared to the cost of new gloves.


Check out our 6 step process!

  1. Our driver picks up soiled gloves from your facility.
  2. Our production team sorts gloves based on the required cleaning process.
  3. Gloves are batch cleaned per customer to keep them separated.
  4. Gloves are inspected and sorted for quality standards set by the customer. (gloves with holes, cuts, excessive wear rejected)
  5. Acceptable Gloves are paired up and banded, by size and type, into 5 pairs per bundle.
  6. Our driver delivers clean gloves back to your facility.